Booking Terms and Conditions

"The TMC”
shall mean the Travel Management Company, Tourvest Travel Services a division of Tourvest Holdings (Pty) Ltd, alternatively any one of the trading brands of Tourvest Travel Services including American Express Global Business Travel South Africa, Seekers Travel, Maties Travel, Indojet Travel, Travelit or, and/or anyone acting for or on behalf of the TMC, provided such person has been duly authorised and is acting within his or her scope of duty.

"The Client”
shall mean the person who applies (directly or indirectly) to theTMC for theTMC’s services including, but is not limited to, a person who applies for his own use or benefit or that of any other person and whether applying as principal, agent or sub-contractor. The Client shall include any other person on behalf of the Client or whom the Client, represents and includes any company or organization who wishes to do business with the TMC.

"The Conditions”
shall mean these terms and conditions.

"Confidential Information”
means all information of a private or confidential nature not in the public domain, including, but not limited to, an individual’s Personal Profile, and in the case of a juristic person, information of a proprietary and/or secret nature pertaining to such juristic entity.

"Corporate Travel”
means all arrangements made on behalf of the Clients by the TMC, to conduct business, for which authorisation or acceptance of estimated costs are required from the Client to effect payment.

"Data Management Services”
means the storage, filing and updating facilities and/or services that may be rendered to the Client, pursuant to the Client’s request, including the management of the Client orTraveller’s Personal Profile,Client trading data, and any other confidential information on the TMC’s databases, inclusive of any ancillary or incidental services as contemplated herein.

means a nominated group of individuals travelling on behalf of the Client, or in their private capacity for leisure purposes. A group constitutes in most cases 10 or more people attending an event or travelling, but this number could vary depending on supplier criteria.

"Leisure Travel”
means all arrangements made on behalf of the Clients by the TMC falling outside of the scope of the definition of Corporate Travel.

"Loyalty Programme”
means all third party rewards or benefit programmes in respect of which a Client or Traveller receives or ought to receive rewards or benefits of whatsoever nature as a result of utilising the services or products of such third party.

means the internet based link that provides access to the Supplier inventory through the TMC’s online booking site. This facility provides access to pre-negotiated rates with Suppliers together with other enhanced functionality relating to such services as developed and/or updated or modified from time to time by theTMC.

"Peripheral Requirements”
shall mean, inter alia, obtaining or meeting the requirements for passports, visas, health documents, insurance, foreign exchange, Reserve and other bank approvals, use of credit cards, customs and immigration regulations as well as other peripheral requirements or services falling outside the actual travel arrangements made with Suppliers and other parties for whom the TMC acts as intermediary which shall, in the absence of agreement with theClientorTraveller, be rendered in the TMC’s sole discretion.

"Personal Profile”
means Confidential Information relating to an identifiable living natural person, including, but not limited to:-

  • Contact details, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, passport numbers and identity numbers;
  • Medical, financial, criminal and employment or travel history;
  • Information relating to race, gender, sex, marital status, pregnancy, nationality, colour, physical or mental health, language and birth;
  • Any other confidential information about the person.



means the estimate provided by the TMC to the Client pursuant to a request or enquiry from such Client, whether received by e-mail, internet or telephonically, reflecting the estimated cost of identified travel and/or accommodation arrangements, which estimates are subject to availability and the further terms and conditions set out by the Supplier. Validity is influenced by time periods determined by theSupplier, in most cases until close of midnight on the day of booking.

shall mean any travel or other service facility, product or matter incidental thereto of whatsoever nature arranged or to be arranged by the TMC (whether directly or indirectly) to or for the "Clientor theTraveller”.The aforesaid shall be used interchangeably and shall include, inter alia, but not be limited to the providing of advice or information, the booking of reservations for accommodation, transport or the like (whether by air, sea, land or otherwise), other service or facility (even though not specifically requested by the Client or theTraveller)provided by the TMC or which the TMC in its sole and absolute discretion deems necessary or ancillary to the services of facilities requested, or anything else associated with or related to travel.

shall mean the provider of air travel, accommodation, transport, tour operators, car hire, and all other relevant services or products arranged by the TMC, or any services ancillary there to provided by the Supplier or any other party.

"Travel Booker”
shall mean any other party who has made or secured any travel bookings or arrangements for the Client including the TMC’s online travel management solution or after-hours services.

"Travel Counselor/Consultant”
shall mean any party employed by the TMC who has made or secured any travel bookings or arrangements for the Client. The arrangements can be made in the traditional travel trading environment, groups and incentives or leisure divisions. These services can also be rendered in the call centers supporting the Client base of customers after hours or the online travel management solution provided by theTMC.

shall mean any person (whether or not such person is the Client who utilises or obtains any benefit from the Services of the TMC. TheTravellershall include a potential Traveller.